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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost Hearts

Each memory feels like a beat
But I can't tell if its my heart
Or a police beat
Our love became so surveillanced

I still remember the tone of his voice
The tenderness of his lips
The gentleness of his caress
The beauty interwoven in the madness

Like MJ, I remember the time
He sang Anita
We rode the waves of history with Sanaa
We'd Scream 4 hours until I was Obsessed

I know it wasn't always easy loving me
But he did it so well
He loved me when I couldn't love myself
He didn't always say the right things
But when he did

You see
Ms. Angelou must have known about our love
Because we too
Loved in and out of time

This time around though
I can't seem to find the pieces of my heart

I mean
I might need some help
Cause I must've left 'em somewhere
I don't know where to find my heart

I must've left it
Somewhere where Martin meets Malcolm
In a land Claude McKay once called:
"The Negro capital of the world" (Craig)

Traveling far like [Apollo] 13
But Houston had a problem
So many problems did we get here?

Where do we go from here?
My man don't want me no more]

Baby, I need some direction
Cause I lost my heart somewhere in Harlem
And I need it back

Cause our memories serve as a roadmap
They always led me back to you
And when I followed the map
I didn't feel so alone

But maybe the map wasn't the solution
Maybe it was part of the problem

"Found" without u is just fond
And I'm fond [of you]
But just like "lost"
I'm without u

I think I lost my heart
But I know it'll find its way back to me...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every time I come to Harlem, I can't help but splendor in the magnificent history of this neighborhood. The Harlem Renaissance alone leaves me in awe, reflecting on every building and street I see.

This is the 2nd Easter I am spending in Harlem. As I reflect on the resurrection of Christ and what it means, not only for Christians, but for me as well--I can't help but see the significance between the resurrection and the renaissance.

Renaissance: a rebirth or revival
Resurrection: the state of one who has returned to life

On New Year's Eve, I made a pact to make 2011 my year. As I reflect this Easter, in good company, I will continue to reassess, redevelop, and...return to life. My life, full of all the things I want to accomplish and see in my life as I mature and reflecting on those who have come before me. I will reflect on the people and things that have left my life and re-entered, reassessing what is important to me and what I value.

For those of you that celebrate Easter as a religious holiday, Happy Easter. For the rest of you, I hope you take today to reflect on the times in life you have been reborn and how you would like to continue that process--growing up,